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For Android devices dedicated to Digital Signage, we recommend installing TargetR Player for Android.

The dedicated player has a number of benefits including:

  1. True full screen.
  2. Up to 9 concurrent zones of content.
  3. Uses hardware acceleration for video playback.
  4. Runs as a service, and restarts if any problems occur.
  5. Auto starts when the device is switched on.
  6. Runs on top of Android lock screen.
  7. Manages the image and video cache to minimize network bandwidth. 
  8. Can run without a network connection by displaying cached content.
  9. Keeps the screen powered up when displaying content.
  10. Powers down the device when configured to do so.
  11. Provides advanced monitoring in the TargetR interface.
  12. Reports GPS location for automated targeting based on location.
  13. Uses built in camera for face counting (optional).
  14. Lightweight UDP communications.

TargetR Player can be downloaded from the Admin Interface and is available on Google Play.

The player only uses standard Android components and has no dependancies on Adobe Flash or Air. This small, efficient app works on all Android devices from 1.6 onwards and has advanced support for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.
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