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Version 19.01

  • Hardware accelerated surfaces moved off screen when not in use.
    • Allows the reuse of media player and surface on all devices for stability. 
    • Fixes video "bleed through" into black images on Allwinner devices.

Version 18.01

  • Option to render web page on player (Android 18.01+)
    • Web page added as content.
    • Content can be in a sequence or channel.
  • Better transition between channel and landing page.
  • Advanced WebView caching and reuse.

Version 17.03

  • Plain text RSS feed support.
    • Headings appear sequentially from the bottom.
    • Edit channel options to configure.

Version 16.05

  • Problem with /sdcard delayed mounting that could result in an old sequence being played resolved.
  • When a zone displaying a web page is interacted with, the player returns to the configured home page after the resume period configured in player settings.

Version 16.02

  • A zone containing a web page can be transparent and overlay other zones.
  • A zone can be directly linked to HDMI IN or RTSP using the hdmi:// and rtsp:// syntax in the URL.

Version 16.01

  • A zone can now display a web page directly.
    • Uses standard Android WebView for displaying the page.

Version 15.27

  • Inactive period also sets screen to black (for devices that do not support standby).
  • Auto 3:00am restart is based on installation time zone (not device time zone).
  • Auto 3:00am restart only occurs after player has been running 24 hours. 
  • Improved resume from standby.

Version 15.25

  • Updated branding to match new web site.
  • Added support to move between shortcuts without restart.
  • Added option to disable video seeking for devices where seek(0) seeks a random amount.


Version 15.19

  • Overview of downloads and cache state listed in settings.
  • Errors and warnings listed in settings.
  • Runs on top of Android lock screen (no longer disables lock screen after auto start).
  • Significant reliability improvements for low end devices when displaying videos back to back.
  • Communication optimisation.

Version 14.11

  • Beta support for external cache synchonization using external sync app
  • HTTP proxy settings in player
  • Improvements to UI
  • Improved support for custom zone layouts
  • QR Code set at 100 pixels in size (1.5cm caused problems for devices unaware of real size)
  • Runs above lock screen, but does not unlock it (Ideal for auto start).
  • Landing pages open in built in WebView component and auto return to player.


Version 11.30

  • Automatic WiFi repair, various strategies including:
    • WiFi reconnect (after 10 minutes of comms failures)
    • WiFi reassociate (after 20 minutes of comms failures)
    • WiFi enable (after 40 minutes of comms failures)
    • WiFi disable, enable (after 50 minutes of comms failures)
    • App restart (after 60 minutes of comms failures)
  • Startup status text does not cause relayout (overlay)
  • Bottom right single pixel indicates status after startup
    • Red indicates failure.
    • Yellow indicates cache priming.
  • Multiple sequence overlays supported in a channel.
  • Updated clock synchronization logic to cope with large local clock adjustments.
  • Cache uses both primary and secondary cache locations by default.
    • Writes go to location with most free space.
    • Reads searches both locations. (resilience).

Version 11.08

  • Internal video player changed to reuse MediaPlayer and SurfaceView by default.
  • Video playback strategies changed to support more devices.
  • Player reports back more information to server including:
    • Battery remaining
    • WiFi SSID, IP, speed and strength.
  • Bitmaps reused on Honeycomb+ to reduce garbage collection delays.


Version 11.05

  • NFC support to transfer active channel to other devices.

Version 11.01

  • Partial downloads automatically resumed.
  • Cache path can be changed in settings.
  • Preliminary support for 2160p video added.

Version 10.42

  • Asset selection hinting changed to favour downscaling over upscaling.

Version 10.41

  • Primes cache ahead of time for pending and inactive targeting about to go live.
  • Avoids unnecessary content freshness checks using extended player API data.
  • Avoids checking for additional assets for HD playback using extended player API data.

Version 10.38

  • Additional video playback strategies to work around hardware video playback problems.

Version 10.35

  • Channel and sequence market group lists rewritten.
  • Improved video failure handling.


Version 10.30

  • Standby mode displays black screen for devices that can not enter standby.
  • Internal counters can be reset from server.


Version 10.29

  • Configurable "Password Lock" to prevent access to settings.


Version 10.28

  • After running for over 24 hours, at 3am the player process will restart. This adds some resilience to Android devices that have video playback issues after a prolonged period.
  • Reports device up time and player up time to the server.
  • Support for non-standard channel aspect ratios such as 96:9.
  • Improvements to layouts and zone repositioning including support for duplicated channels.
  • When silent update mode is selected and player has ROOT permissions, The installation Restart option in the interface will restart the whole device, not just the app.


Version 10.21

  • Counts video playback failures for reporting in admin interface.
  • Checks video playback starts correctly. 
    • Restarts the player if more than 3 errors or failures to start occur.

Version 10.20

  • Silent player updates. 
    • Requires Android device to be ROOTed and TargetR Player granted ROOT permission.
    • Set update strategy to "Silent" in settings of the player to enable.
    • Clicking "Update" beside an installation in admin interface will send latest player version to the device which will update and restart automatically. 
  • Advanced options added for scrolling text in a channel. (speed, size colours).


Version 10.19

  • Significantly improved video synchronization. Videos will start 500ms late, but similar hardware devices should start playing videos at almost identical time when linked to the same channel. Media Processor adds 1 second to video duration to account for delayed start time.


Version 10.17

  • Hardware accelerated video view visibility set to GONE after video completed. This causes reinitialisation of the view when next video starts. This fixes problems on some devices where videos would randomly fail to start.


Version 10.14

  • Improved reliability when waking from standby (defined by active period).


Version 10.10

  • Support for iDisplay Connect Box added.
  • Images and videos can be sent directly to TargetR server by using the standard Android share functions and selecting TargetR Server.


Version 10.08

  • Support for multiple concurrent video playback on supported devices (increase maximum in settings, default 1).


Version 10.01

  • Share functionality added.
  • Images and videos can be sent directly to TargetR server by using the standard Android share functions and selecting TargetR Server.


Version 9.21

  • Support for external data sources.
  • Example data sources: 
    • http:// 
    • https:// 
    • ftp:// 
    • rtsp:// 
    • hdmi://
  • Can now stream live video from HDMI IN


Version 9.10

  • Support for 2160p server images.
  • Support for auto selection of H264 resolution.


Version 9.03

  • Improved synchronisation by self optimising, server hinted local clock.
  • New internal channel layout and positioning code ready for new zone layouts.
  • Image resolution selection made fully automatic.

Version 8.07

  • Improved support for devices above 1080p e.g. Nexus 10.
  • Desktop widget has independent shortcut code in settings.
  • UI improved with shortcut code entry on first screen.


Version 8.01

  • Immediate video starting without delay for cache priming.
  • Additional data sent to server and listed in admin interface including:
    • Available storage space for cache.
    • Available memory.


Version 7.03

  • Fixed problem resulting in failure to increment impression counters on Android devices using UDP communications.


Version 7.02

  • New setting to restrict the update rate for players connected to mobile networks with limited monthly bandwidth allowances.


Version 7.01

  • More compact - less than 200 KB!
    • Replaced Jackson JSON parser with org.json.
  • New menu with labelled buttons.
  • List sequences visible on the TargetR market.


Version 6.16

  • Modified hardware accelerated video surface initialisation to improve compatibility with devices that are slow to start.


Version 6.14

  • Only shows busy and priming status when priming the cache, not when synchronising (less intrusive).

Version 6.12

  • Landing page redirection specified within content of sequences fixed.


Version 6.11

  • Videos correctly positioned centrally when aspect ratio of device does not match content aspect ratio.

Version 6.10

  • Improved support for non-standard aspect ratios.
  • showQr advanced option in targeting overrides channel showQr settings for selective QR code visibility on content.
  • Server can change player settings. Information here
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