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TargetR has three application programming interfaces (APIs) available to add additional functionality to the platform.

Player API

The TargetR Player API enables custom players to be built for unsupported platforms and use cases.

Admin API

The TargetR Admin API enables 3rd party applications to send content directly to TargetR server. The API can be used to automate most actions that would typically be performed in the Admin Interface including reporting.

Content Building API

The TargetR Content Building API provides a mechanism for an external content building service to insert content into an account. By integrating this API an additional content type is added in the admin interface and, using a process of redirection, the 3rd party service allows the user to build the new content and return.
Some partners may not support 3rd party integration via the API. Please contact your partner to confirm the public TargetR APIs are supported.
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