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Version 6.55

  • Option to render web pages on players rather than the server.
    • Previously web page content was rendered to a static JPEG on the server.
    • Now dynamic web content can be displayed directly on devices.
  • New options to display a plain text RSS feed at the bottom of a channel.
  • Option to send update packages to supported players.

Version 6.04

  • Installation zones can now display web pages.
    • Android Player 16+ required.
    • Web pages must be suitable and control page reloading.

Version 6.03

  • Targeting start and end dates can now include a time.

  • Time zone moved from active period and used by start and end dates.

Version 6.02

  • Installation + button asks for provisioned shortcut.
  • Link provisioned device hyperlink removed (use + button)
  • Installation option to change channel replaced with set channel and set sequence
  • Information button (i) replaced with a cloud to help differentiate from the eye button
  • Tab contents automatically refresh during navigation to new tabs
  • Search criteria reset when moving between tabs
  • Signing out when session expired does not throw an error
  • Masquerading correctly maintained after full browser refresh
  • Masquerading status shown in footer.
  • Interface loading status shown in footer.

Version 6.01

  • Updated branding to match new web site

Version 5.09

  • New option to auto approve cross account Targeting.
  • Market groups can be selected on overview tab.

Version 5.08

  • Tables now use GWT CellWidgets for improved presentation, sorting and performance.
  • Group admins can now modify group admins in the same group.

Version 5.07

  • Accounts and Installations now have additional address fields.
  • Reverse geocoding to populate address fields automatically from map.

Version 5.06

  • Accounts, Content, Sequences, Channels Targeting and Installations can have a location specified.
  • A new view style allows items with locations to be shown on a map.
  • New search filters allow searching by location within a configurable radius.

Version 5.05

  • Default visibility options have changed for administrators. Use eye button to control.
  • Accounts linked to a parent channel receive an automatically generated child channel.

Version 5.04

  • Imported content from Media RSS sequences is hidden by default.
  • Accounts can hide linked account items to see only their own.
  • Accounts can be set to force new channels to inherit targeting from a parent channel.

Version 5.03

  • New visibility options added (eye button).
  • Linked account visibility can be enabled / disabled.
  • View styles available for table and tiled data views.
  • Aspect ratio selection moved to visibility options.
  • Default aspect ratio configurable in account options.
  • Improved visual feedback for overview tab when populating channels.
  • Channel targeting can be replaced by dragging on top of items.

Version 5.02

  • Channel inheritance.
    • A child channel can reference a parent channel.
    • A child channel inherits targeting from its parent.
    • Inherited targeting can be overridden with child specific targeting.
    • Parent targeting can specify if child channels can override targeting.
  • Version 5.02 limitations.
  • Child channel items can not be reordered (parent order used).
  • Additional items can not be added to child channel.
  • Targeting in child must match duration of parent targeting.

Version 5.01

  • Navigation improvements for editing items.
    • Edit dialogs now appear on top of lists.
    • Active tasks moved to top right "System" button.
    • System button changes to busy animation when tasks queued or running.
    • Click the system button to see number of queued, running tasks.
    • Click menu item to see list of tasks.
  • Continue using the interface without interruptions while tasks are active.

Version 4.10

  • Configurable Installation Zones.
    • Position and size of zones can now be configured.
    • Overlap zones to display one channel on top of another.
    • Span a single channel over multiple display devices.
    • This functionality is in BETA and for advanced users only.

Version 4.09

  • Group administrators can add two types of News and Information for customers.
    • Before sign in.
    • After sign in.

Version 4.08

  • Date range searches can now be performed.
  • Sequence overlays are now displayed when sequence is part of a channel.
    • Android player 11.28+ required.
    • Java VLC Player 1.06+ required.

Version 4.07

  • Group administrators can control content asset options for groups and accounts.

    • Limit the maximum image quality available.

    • Limit the maximum video quality available or disable video support.

Version 4.06

  • New Registration link functionality added for group administrators.News and information on sign in page can be shown / hidden.
    • Administrators can create new accounts without specifying an email address and password.
    • Using the new Registration link option, administrators can send a link to new users.
    • The link allows new users to associate their chosen credentials to the new account.
    • This new functionality is best used with anonymous registration disabled.
  • Players on sign in page can be shown / hidden.

Version 4.05

  • New Java VLC player available.
    • Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.
    • The Java VLC player replaces QtPlayer. Please transition for video support.
    • Installation options includes Java Web Start option.
    • Requires Java and VLC to be installed.

Version 4.04

  • Size of preview images for content and sequences adjustable. (Click grid button top right)

  • New languages added. (work in progress)

    • Chinese

    • Romanian

    • German

    • Polish

    • English

Version 4.03

  • New display modes for sequences in channels.
    • Display all content in the inner sequence each channel cycle. Or
    • Display a subset of content in the inner sequence each channel cycle.
    • The inner sequence will automatically rotate each channel cycle.

Version 4.02

  • Account sessions automatically expire. (6 hours).

Version 4.01

  • Content data sources are now pre-processed by the server.
    • The new Remote data sources type consolidates all previous remote import options.
    • A refresh period must be configured for the content to update automatically.
    • To use hdmi:// and rtsp:// data sources please re-add the content and update player to 11.03.
    • Some existing dynamic content, such as remote image sources may need to be reprocessed.
  • Support for Media RSS.
    • Media RSS allows sequences to be retrieved from 3rd parties. E.g.
    • Sequences connected to Media RSS feeds are automatically refreshed.
  • Content Building API updated to allow additional sequence types to be created.
  • Cosmetic changes made to content and sequence names to reduce wasted space.

Version 3.26

  • Separated news and release notes.
  • Group administrators can customise news and information in group settings.

Version 3.25

  • New option in targeting to record impressions as interactions for advanced reporting.

Version 3.24

  • Scaling options now also applied to video encoding.
  • Improved player status information dialogs.

Version 3.23

  • CPU Time used by media processing now available in content list view. (new items only)
  • Web Capture renders web content 2x resolution to improve quality of fonts.
  • Dynamic content with errors is automatically retried with exponential backoff.

Version 3.22

  • Configurable scaling for image content. (Available in content asset options)
    • Add borders (default) - Preserves aspect ratio by adding borders.
    • Stretch - Fills available space by distorting aspect ratio.
    • Crop - Fills available space while preserving aspect ratio by trimming edges.
  • Configurable repeat delay for Targeting.
    • Prevents content displaying too frequently on a channel.
    • Content will display only once within the specified period.
  • Configurable max age for Targeting.
    • Useful for automatically removing stale content.
    • Designed for time dependent, dynamic content that fails to update regularly.

Version 3.21

  • Overview drag and drop improved.

Version 3.20

  • Full HD (1080p) video support added. (Android Player 10.30+ and dual core required)
  • To enable 720p/1080p video or 2160p image asset preparation:
    • Add new content
    • Expand Asset options
    • Select JPEG@2160p, H264@720p, H264@1080p as required.
    • Ensure HD options are also enabled in player.

Version 3.19

  • Targeting active period is configurable down to 10 minute time blocks (previously 1 hour).
  • Active periods now linked to time zone to support automatic daylight savings time changes.
  • Comms and failure data counts for installations can be reset. (Android Player 1.30+)
  • Experimental Java VLC Player support added.
  • Horizontally scaled TargetR Server deployments no longer require sticky sessions.

Version 3.18

  • Graphical visualisation of zone layouts.
  • New layout with header and footer. Beta.
  • New formatted information in installation status. (Android Player 10.25+)
  • Data can be protected against removal by adding protected=true into advanced options.
  • Default advanced options for new items can be set in group settings.

Version 3.17

  • Support for iDisplay Connect Box added.
  • Connect Box button presses can change sequence or channel and appear as interactions.
  • Android player 10.14+ with Connect Box required.

Version 3.16

  • Content size and additional assets size now listed in content list view.
  • Android player 10.06+ includes DayDream support on JellyBean devices.

Version 3.15

  • Send images and videos directly from any Android device.
  • Sharing functionality available in Android OS when Player 10.01+ installed.

Version 3.14

  • All assets made by Media Processor listed in preview dialogs.
  • Administrators can now reprocess child account content.

Version 3.12

  • Content can refer to external video data sources.
  • Android player version 9.21+ required.
    • Example data sources: http:// https:// ftp:// rtsp:// hdmi://
    • Duration must be manually configured.
    • Data will not be cached on the player.
    • Network connection must be suitable for streaming.

Version 3.11

  • 2160p image support enabled. (Also known as 4K or UHD)
    • Generated when source image height is 1200 pixels or more.
  • 720p video encoding enabled.
    • Generated when source video height is 600 pixels or more.
  • Right click and choose Reproccess to upgrade existing content.
  • Android player version 9.10+ required for new HD support.
    • Enable in settings.
  • MPEG 1 support deprecated.

Version 3.10

  • Search functionality added to overview tab.
  • Pie charts for group administrators show group limits.

Version 3.09

  • Pie charts for account and account group data usage.
  • Face counts now listed as interactions.
  • Android Player 9.01+ required with face counting enabled.
  • Face counting occurs once every 5 seconds.
  • Installations provide face count data once a minute.


Version 3.08

  • Organise tab renamed to Overview.
  • Add content, sequences, channels and installations in overview tab.
  • Right click options available for items in overview tab.

Version 3.07

  • Email images and videos directly to an account.
  • New option in account settings to accept / deny emailed content.

Version 3.06

  • Performance improvements for UDP communications with players.
  • WTM updated to version 2.0 with built in fast file cache.
  • GWT updated to version 2.5.
  • Improved server status reporting and monitoring.

Version 3.05

  • Custom Favicon and CSS for groups.
  • Updated visualisations for account data and account linkage in groups.
  • Janrain Federate Single Sign-on support.

Version 3.04

  • All changes to groups, accounts, content, sequences, channels and installations audited.
  • Audit trail tab added for viewing all changes.

Version 3.03

  • Improved account and group management for administrators.
  • Admin API extended to support account modification.
  • Advanced options for text RSS rendering.


Version 3.02

  • New Organise tab allows drag and drop organisation.
    • Add, remove and reorder content in sequences.
    • Add, remove and reorder content and sequences in channels (targeting).
    • Change the sequences and channels displayed on installations.
  • Data import and export includes sequences.
  • Group settings for group administrators moved to top right info button.

Version 3.01

  • Sequences of content can now be defined and played directly using shortcuts.
  • Like regular content, multiple sequences can be added to a channel by targeting.
  • All players must be updated to fully support sequences.
  • Android player updated to version 6.
    • Sequence support added.
    • Synchronisation and timing logic rewritten.
    • Improved reliability on intermittent (and offline) network connections.
    • Cache priming improved for long videos and large sequences.
    • Data transfer statistics are now sent to the server.
    • Client settings can now be updated from the server.
  • Android and Web Players now support moving forward (ahead of time) in channel.
  • Searching greatly improved with fuzzy, case insensitive searches.
  • QtPlayer updated to version 3.


Version 2.25

  • User interface enhancements. Note: sign out moved to top right button.

Version 2.24

  • Abstracted file system to enable horizontal scaling via Amazon S3.
  • Improved Amazon S3 utilisation for multi-server deployments.

Version 2.23

  • Account data import and export supports cross account and cross server transfer.
  • Remote content directory synchroniser tool added.

Version 2.22

  • Player API simplifications and optimisations. (Player update recommended).
  • Account data usage counting and content building API improved.

Version 2.21

  • Improved image file format support.
  • JPEGs using CMYK colour format.
  • SVG and other formats supported by ImageMagick.

Version 2.20

  • Automatic installation creation when launching custom players.
  • Improved method of linking new players to an account, no player input required.
  • New URL structure to move group name and locale into path.

Version 2.19

  • New concurrency model for Android player 5.01 - up to 9 channels.
  • Restructured server configuration and optimised bulk counting.

Version 2.18

  • Lightweight UDP communications for Android player.
  • RSA signed server responses and client verification on supported players.
  • Android Player updated to 4.01 to use UDP by default.

Version 2.17

  • Content building API added.
  • Social media builders in development.

Version 2.16

  • Multiple file selection for content uploading.
  • New tag option for selections of multiple items.

Version 2.15

  • Counter enhancements, including face counts.
  • Improved account masquerading for administrators.
  • Android Player updated to 3.01.

Version 2.14

  • CSV and JSON export options.
  • Support for 2160p (Quad HD) - disabled for now.

Version 2.13

  • Configurable overlay image for channels.
  • Facility to upload channel and group branding images.

Version 2.12

  • Beginner mode for new registrations.

Version 2.11

  • Face counting. Requires Android Player. Off by default.
  • Android Player 2.20+ contains face counting option.

Version 2.10

  • Video previews on mouse over (new videos only).
  • Group and branding for custom domains.
  • TargetR client API made available.

Version 2.09

  • Account groups and group administrators.
  • Group configuration and branding.
  • Predefined tags to aid searching (customisable by group administrator).
  • List sorting using column headings.

Version 2.08

  • Support for displaying regions of web pages as content. (BETA)
  • Remote content import option moved inside add content page.

Version 2.07

  • OpenID support implemented for 3rd party sign in.
  • Account data import and export.

Version 2.06

  • TargetR Server now hosts and updates player apps.
  • Updated Android player to version 2.12. (Includes JScreenFix and auto-update).
  • Improved JavaScript player startup time and fixed HTML5 validation errors.

Version 2.03

  • Cosmetic improvements to User Interface including new preview component.
  • GLYPHICONS added to UI.

Version 2.02

  • Additional layouts for 4:3 and 9:16 aspect ratios.
  • Logging of player interactions with API.
  • Updated Android player to version 2.09.
  • JavaScript player now supports IE 6.

Version 2.01

  • Installations can now display multiple channels simultaneously.
  • Channels positioned into zones using layouts.
  • Support for multiple aspect ratios including 9:16 portrait mode.
  • Content, channels and targeting grouped by aspect ratio.
  • Android player and QtPlayer must be updated to support this release!

Version 1.80

  • Emergency Alert System.
  • Configurable account limits.

Version 1.79

  • Branding support for partners and resellers.
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